4 Dog Aging Signs You Need To Watch Out In Your Pooch

It was once a small adorable puppy when you brought it home jumping, playing and snuggling with you.  Watching it getting older is really hard to see, but still, it’s important to recognize dog aging signs and know tips for caring a senior dog. Consciously identifying aging dog symptoms will also help you solve aging dog issues early which will not only save on your pocket but will also save a lot of pain which your adorable pet will otherwise have to undergo. Following are the dog aging signs you need to watch out in your pooch.

#1. Low Vision

Very similar to us humans, your dog also losses vision as it grows old. In most cases, it is the cataract that causes loss of eyesight. Cataracts cause a like a layer of clouding on your dog’s eye restricting the vision. The common cause behind though is genetic but diabetes can also be a reason behind. However, sometimes low vision in dogs is resulted by a vision condition known as nuclear sclerosis often mistaken as cataract. But both have different treatment procedures. So, if you notice your pooch unable to find things or low vision eligibility, immediately contact your vet.

#2. Uncontrolled Bowers and Urine

Another obvious sign of aging in dogs is Incontinence aka the inability to control bowel movements or urine. The catalyst behinds these symptoms are many like hormonal changes, a weak tenacity of the bladder walls, urinating difficulties, and normal cell degeneration. While incontinence may be a nuisance for you, but you should know how to cope with an old dog in such a situation. Never punish them on such situations, instead, make them feel more comfortable by cleaning them instantly. You can think of using waterproof pads if you tend to be away from the house often. Increase the frequency of walks so that your doggo does not have to hold their bowel and urine for long. Your dog walks can be made more exciting with the dog printed all over print tops from us.

#3. Lower Physical Activity and Energy

Your doggo used to love playing around with you, fetch for you all day long tirelessly, but recently, you have noticed that your dog rather likes to lay down on your couch. It is one of the inevitable dog aging signs. Senior dogs tend to experience a change in physical activity getting tire quicker than they used to. As a dog parent, you must identify these aging dog symptoms and solve aging dog issues by making better adaptations to your old dog’s fitness regime and lifestyle.

#4. Dog Aging Signs of Memory Problems

As your dog ages physically, dog’s brain ages simultaneously. The first signs of memory problems would be their ability to remember and recall things like they used to. Memory aging in dogs is sometimes confused with canine cognitive dysfunction or dog Alzheimer, but they are not the same. For example, your dog may seem to forget the regular route on walks, forget where the food and water are kept, or doesn’t show the same enthusiasm about things he used to care about in the past. If your dog seems to be experiencing canine cognitive dysfunction or other mental changes, take them to the vet immediately. Any brain changes must be examined by a professional to rule out any larger issues.

These are just a few of the ways you can recognize dog aging signs.  Try your best to solve aging dog issues help make sure their life is healthy and comfortable. With a little work and understanding, your dog can live up to his senior years in peace. Learn how to cope and what to expect with an aging dog and never forget to shop best gifts for dog lovers for us at PupnPaws.



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