5 Dog Training Tips to Keep Your Dog's Mind Healthy

Doggy dementia is an ever-growing problem in the United States. Mental health of dogs of about 25% of dogs over the age of 10 show signs of brain aging and more than 60% have symptoms by the age of 15. Just as physical activity helps stave off obesity and disease, exercising the brain improves the mental health of dogs, keeps away from anxiety and depression to keep your pooch healthy and happy! Regular dog training like walks are a great start, but there are many other fun, creative ways to dog behavior training dog’s mind while enjoying quality time together. Enjoy your walk with your dog with our with our special dog mom t-shirts, and if you want we will print your pet’s name and breed on it. Here we have selected 5 dog training tips that will help you a lot. They are

  1. Train Him in New Tricks
  2. Devise Brain Games for your Pooch
  3. Put His Smelling Ability to Work
  4. Schedule a Play Dates with Neighbor Dogs
  5. Plan a Hike Trip with your Doggy


Dog Training with a New Trick Everyday

Training can be a wonderful bonding experience as long as you keep it light-hearted. Be patient, celebrate each success, and call it a day as soon as your pooch shows signs of boredom or frustration. If your pup is a beginner, start out slow by reinforcing a pre-existing behavior. For example, does he tilt his head when you speak in a high pitched voice? Does he bow down when he’s excited about a play session? Here’s how to turn those cute gestures into new tricks! You can try brain games for dogs. The whole point of the exercise is to get the wheels turning in your dog’s mind and enjoy your time together.

Brain Games for Dogs

Some of your most beloved childhood games also double as excellent brain exercises for your dog. In order to play Doggy Hide & Seek your pooch will need to have mastered the ‘Sit, Stay and Come’ commands. Have him sit and stay while you hide in another room. When you give the come command, he is free to hunt you down. Be sure to provide lots of praise and/or treats when he finds you. Check out this post to learn about exiting dog games that would create mental stimulation for your dog keeping him healthy mentally and physically simultaneously.

Dog Training Tips for Improving Smell Sensation

Humans are visual creatures, but for dogs, it’s all about the smells. A thorough sniff of a new, exciting neighborhood can create a lot of mental stimulation for dogs like those of the latest Pixar. You can set up increasingly challenging trials in and around your home. Start by setting out a series of paper cups or boxes with treats hidden under a select few. Once your dog has mastered the basics, you can dog training tips like hiding treats, toys and favorite humans in different rooms of the house for him to sniff out.

 Schedule a Play Date for Dog Behavior Training

Play dates allow dogs to nip, jump, paw and roll in a way that only another pup could tolerate! Not only does your dog get to burn off physical energy, play dates are excellent for stress relief and remind him of the appropriate ways to interact with others of his own species. As much as your dog enjoys romping and playing with you, nothing can replace the carefree frolicking with similar canine pals. Search out some playmates for your pooch in your neighborhood.

Mental Stimulation for Dogs through Hiking

Venturing outdoors for an adventure is like nose work without the work! Whether it’s hiking in the woods, walking on the beach, or strolling a new city street, your dog’s senses will be bathed in fresh sights, sounds and especially smells to get his brain buzzing contributing a lot to the mental stimulation for your dog.

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