5 Easy Ways to Keep your Dogs Safe in your Car

When driving around with your dog, it is important to think about their safety along with your own. Dogs can get distracted or may get injured in an accident. Just like any other passenger in the car, your canine buddies also need the safety of a seat-belt. In some places, it’s even the law to restrain your dogs in a car with a seat-belt or harness.

Here are 5 easy ways to keep your dogs safe in your car:

#1. Seat Belts are a Saviour

When going on a joy ride with your furry friends, ensure that they too are buckled up for the road. It is a safe way to transport your dogs. Seat belts help confine your dogs in one place and also keeps them safe in the event of an accident. An unrestrained dog could be at risk for severe injury or death, should there be an accident. Do your research and invest in the best seat belt available for your dogs’ size.

#2. Carry along their Crates

If your dog doesn’t like being fastened to a seat belt, it might be a good idea to get their crate along. You can build their own, cozy place where your dog can snuggle up comfortably and enjoy the ride. The familiarity of his crate will ease your dogs’ fear and help him adjust to new surroundings faster.

#3. Bring some Barriers

When driving, your dog might want to climb over onto you. An excited or anxious pup who jumps onto you can cause problems when you’re trying to concentrate on the road. Barriers might be useful in such cases. Depending on the type of car you own, you can secure your dog at the back of your car by a special barrier. Check for the types of barriers that are available in the market according to the size of your car and make sure they fit. Ensure that there are no gaps through which your dog can slip into the front seat.

#4. Take Frequent Breaks

When you’re on a long road trip, you and your dog might need breaks to grab a snack, water or potty breaks. Make sure you take frequent breaks and ensure that your dog gets enough water to stay hydrated. Treats, meals, and toys are a great way to keep your dog busy in the car too. Stop every couple of hours to allow your pet to use the bathroom. 

#5. Check your car’s Temperature

First of all, know that leaving your dog in the car is illegal in many places. But if you must, be sure to first check the temperature in your car. Even if it doesn’t seem so hot outside, it might be extremely dangerous inside. The temperature inside a car on a 75-degree day can easily reach 100 degrees. Your dog is at risk of being dehydrated or even dead inside hot cars. So try to keep your furry friend with you, wherever it is possible.

Keeping your canine companion happy, contained and well cared for on the road can help you enjoy your road trips better. Try these the next time you’re planning to head out with your dogs.

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