5 Techniques to Potty Train your Puppy

Teaching your puppy to potty at the right time and place is one of the most important first steps you can take for a long, happy life together. House soiling is among the top reasons why dogs lose their homes or end up in shelters. Few people are willing to put up with a dog that destroys rugs and flooring, or who leaves a stinky mess that you have to clean after a hard day at work.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you do some research in advance, decide how to train a puppy. These include:

  • Crate training
  • Frequent trips outdoors
  • Paper training
  • Control the diet
  • Keep a consistent schedule; this pertains to trips outside, feeding and exercise
  • Provide regular exercise—exercise helps with motility
  • Reinforce your puppy for “going” outside

Let’s explore some of these concepts in depth.

#1. Puppy Pads and Paper Training

Use of puppy pads and paper for puppy training can be “tricky” because you are reinforcing two different options for the puppy. In an ideal situation, pups would learn to hold it indoors and only eliminate at specific spots outdoors. But some cases may require a bit of creative thought, such as a person who has a job that makes it impossible to get home several times a day, or for a tiny dog living where the winters are brutal. Puppy pads give a dog the option of relieving herself in an approved spot at home. After the dog matures, the owner can then work on having the dog do her business outdoors all the time. While scrubbing them, you can opt for our scrub tops at PupNPaws and have fun with your furry buddy.

#2. Make a Schedule

This is vital to housetraining success. Puppies have tiny bladders, and water just runs right through them. Monitor daily events and your puppy’s individual habits when setting up a schedule. With very young puppies, you should expect to take the puppy out:

  • First thing in the morning
  • Last thing at night
  • After playing
  • After spending time in a crate
  • Upon waking up from a nap
  • After chewing a toy or bone
  • After eating
  • After drinking
  • Observation and Supervision

You have to watch your puppy carefully to learn her individual signals and rhythms. Some puppies may be able to hold it longer than others. Some will have to go out every time they play or get excited. Some will stop in the middle of a play session, pee, and play on. As with human babies, canine potty habits are highly idiosyncratic hence potty training puppy can be quite a daunting task.

#3. Control the Diet

Puppies have immature digestive systems, so they can’t really handle a lot of food. That’s why it is recommended that you break up the feedings into three small meals. Another thing to keep in mind is the food itself, which should be the highest quality. Whatever path you choose for potty training puppy, make sure it agrees with your puppy.

#4. Praise

Scolding a puppy for soiling your rug, especially after the fact, isn’t going to do anything except make her think you’re a nut. Likewise, some old methods of dog training include punishment, like rubbing a dog’s nose in her poop, are so bizarre that it’s hard to imagine how they came to be and if they ever worked for anyone. On the other hand, praising a puppy for doing the right thing works best for everything you will do in your life together.

#5. Crates Rank High as Potty Training Tool

Many people new to dogs cringe at the idea of confining their puppies in a crate, but the reluctance to use this tool generally evaporates after a few days of living with a new pet. Crates make life easier. It’s a good idea to get your dog accustomed to one for many reasons, such as vet visits, travel, convalescence, and safety.


When you bring a puppy into your home, it slowly becomes your home’s visible soul. Puppies brighten up your life by their mere presence. The time spent with your puppy is never wasted. For those of you who fall in love with every puppy you see, we’ve got something unique. Celebrate your love for your furry friends with the collection at Pup N Paws. Order customized gifts for puppy owners online on our website and brings a smile to their faces.


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