7 Dog-Safe Houseplants to have around

As a pet owner, you do everything possible to make your house safe for your adorable, four-legged friends. But sometimes, things that you least expect can cause harm to your pets. One of them is common houseplants. Some of them are extremely toxic and poisonous to animals and are best avoided, in order to have a pet-friendly household.

If you love having a green space for your dogs, here are 7 dog-safe houseplants that you can have around:

#1. Boston Fern

Most varieties of fern are non-toxic to dogs. With its lush, full foliage, Boston fern is easy to care for and looks good in all kinds of spaces.

#2. Tillandsia

Air plants such as Tillandsia are a great fit for small, modern spaces. They require very little care and can be placed anywhere. They’re small in size and don’t even need too much soil. However, their small size can be a bane as your cuddly pet might think of it as a treat and may want to nibble on it. Remember to keep it out of reach, if your pet takes a particular liking for it.

#3. Rosemary

This striking Mediterranean plant looks good in any kind of interior. You can place a pot of fresh rosemary in the kitchen window and add its fragrant sprigs to the delicacies that you cook. They’re also extremely safe with a house full of dogs.

#4. Ponytail Palm

Ponytail palms look great in modern interior spaces. They can grow up to be quite big, so it’s better to start out with a smaller plant and transplant them to a bigger pot when they grow. They are non-toxic and safe if you have pets at home.

#5. Orchid

These elegant plants are also non-toxic to dogs. They have long-lasting blooms and look great in your household. Whether you plant a single orchid or a group, they’re sure to add a bit of drama to your interiors.

#6. Cat grass

Even non-toxic variety of houseplants can cause tummy aches when pets nibble on them. If your dog loves eating greens, make it healthier by planting some cat grass. They’re not the same as cat nip, which comes from the mint family. Cat grass is usually grown from oat or wheat seeds.

#7. African Violet

If you’re looking for a pet-friendly houseplant which also has a lot of blooms, then African Violet is your answer. This amazing houseplant is very safe and friendly for your pets and comes in a range of purple hues. What’s more? It’s low maintenance and can thrive even in dark corners.

Go on, get some of these to green up your spaces, without having to worry about causing harm to your wonderful, furry friends. Tell us about the houseplants you have in your home.



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