Best Dog Food for German Shepherds!

The German Shepherd is a powerful dog with a muscular body and a large appetite. An extremely fun-loving dog with a playful nature makes it a great companion. It’s a quick learner and responds well to training and their owners are assured of a well-trained dog. But owning a German Shepherd is not the easiest thing to do. Did you know that German Shepherds have a fragile digestive system that requires constant monitoring? So here are some helpful tips on best dog food for German Shepherds.


  • Ragi is a rich source of fibre and coats the stomach lining of your dog and helps keep its digestion-related problems under control. You can even serve it boiled rice which is easy to chew and digest.
  • White rice is better than red or brown rice. It’s a German Shepherd favorite.
  • Give it a bowl of plain oat porridge once in a week and remember not to add any sugar or salt to the meal.
  • The calcium requirement of the German Shepherd can be obtained from milk. So be sure to include milk in the diet as it also provides protection against tooth decay.


  • Raw meat has the tendency to cause indigestion and stomach infections. If you have been serving your dog raw meat, stop it today.
  • Nuts cause hair fall in dogs - The high concentration of salt in dried nuts induces hair fall in dogs, and this effect is more pronounced in the case of German Shepherds.
  • Say no to corn, soy and wheat If you don’t want your dog to get constipated. These type of foods have high levels of starch, which causes constipation. Continuously feeding such food to the dog can make it lethargic and cause serious diseases.
  • Lentils are known to do more harm than good to the German Shepherd, so flush it out of its diet. Beware of lentils - the lesser, the better.


When buying commercial food for your dog, your first concern should be whether it has the recommended protein levels. If it is a puppy, pregnant or lactating females, then they have special protein needs for growth and reproduction. Commercial dog food comes in dry, wet and semi-moist types, with the dry type considered to the best and most cost-effective.

Dry food contains very little water, just about 10%, making them good value for money. Wet food, in contrast, may contain up to 75% water, and you have to feed your dog large volumes of food to compensate for the deficiency in nutrition. Semi-moist food are the most unhealthy of the lot, for they contain high concentrations of sugar that causes tooth decay and many other diseases like obesity and diabetes. So, if you feed the German Shepherd semi-moist food, feed it in small quantities.

Royal Canin for German Shepherds

Among the commercial dog food available in the market, the Royal Canin for German Shepherds is the preferred choice. If your dog is over 15 months old, then you can give it Royal Canin German Shepherd 24 which are custom-made kibbles good for digestion. The X-shaped kibbles are designed to fight plaque and tartar keeps your dog’s teeth and gums healthy.

Ingredients like Omega 3, Amino Acids, Chelated Copper and Zinc ensure healthy skin and smooth coat. Meanwhile, the fragile digestive system of the German Shepherd gets a layer of protection with the inclusion of Green Tea Polyphenols, Vitamins E & C, Lutein and Taurine – these ingredients work towards improving the immune system of the dog by producing antibodies.

German Shepherd Puppy 30

The German Shepherd Puppy 30, as its name suggests is meant for puppies and is a good food that will help in your dog’s  growth. Considering the age of the puppy, these X-shaped kibbles are miniature in size and designed to boost digestion and fight tooth and gum related problems. It also has powerful antioxidants that improve the immune system while ingredients like brown rice and egg protein prevents indigestion. 

We also have some amazingly personalized dog mom tops for you to check. PupNPaws is eager to help you out with any other queries that you have related to dogs so stay in touch. Do not forget to take care of your dogs and train your dogs well. See you in the next article! Share your thoughts in the comment section below and stay in touch for some more freshly brewed content. 

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