Do you have a Smelly Dog? Know The Reasons…

It’s for sure that you love your dog unconditionally; however, if your pooch loves rolling in ordure it is quite difficult to love your dog smell also. Although it’s true that not all dog odors are easily explainable as this but if there are unknown reasons of dog body odor, it might be a sign of serious illness. So the next time you find your dog has a putrid or pungent smell, don’t try to turn your nose up, investigate into the matter. However here we will have listed out 6 reasons for your dog smell, have a look at them.

#1. Dog smell even after a bath

Every dog fur has parasite microorganisms like yeast and bacteria quietly residing inside. When the fur is dry, the odor is not that menacing. But the moment your dog gets wet these stinky microorganisms start releasing as water molecules displace smaller volatile compounds which are odoriferous causing your dog to smell even after a bath. Regular deworming schedules will surely help your smelly dog.

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#2. Dog Odor Due To Bad Breathe

If you notice sudden bad breath in dogs, out of the blue, your pooch might have cropped up some tooth infection. Dog odor due to bad breathe can be very unpleasant. Kidney disease or diabetes can also be one of the reasons for bad breath. Dogs suffering from kidney failure will smell of urine or have a metallic odor coming from their body. A diabetic pet will eat tons of food but cannot digest them which generate ketones which produce a distinctive odor on the breath.

#3. Dog Smell Due To Skin Problems

If you have a Spaniel, Pekingese, Pug, Bulldog, or Shar-Pei, you need to keep an eye on your pet’s skin folds. These dogs are prone to skin fold dermatitis, and hence Dog Smell due to Skin problems are quite often. Any dog can get a skin infection that smells bad if the skin’s normal barriers are broken down by prolonged dampness, allergies, hormonal disorders, etc. Red, inflamed skin could indicate an infection.

#4. Ear Infection Can Result In Smelly Dogs

If your dog’s ears smell like yeast, she probably has—you guessed it—a yeast infection, which is very common in canines resulting in smelly dogs. Bacterial ear infections are also a frequent problem for dogs, and they tend to smell worse than yeast infections. Dogs with allergies tend to have more ear infections and dogs with long, droopy ears are prone to ear problems, which often go hand in hand with allergies.

#5. Gas Attacks Can Also Cause Dog Smell

If your dog’s gas is powerful enough to clear a room, probably your dog might have eaten something it shouldn’t have. If she’s also having diarrhea and vomiting, she may have eaten something really nasty, like a rotten carcass or something in the trash.

So, now as you know the reasons why your dog stinks, consult your vet to treat the problems and keep an eye on your pet’s health so that it stays happy and healthy playing around. Talking of dog games, you can try the funky and comfortable dog print leggings from us at PupNPaws and enjoy moments with your dog.


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