Quick guide to bathe your pets in the best possible way

Having a clear idea about how often your pets require a bath is more important in setting them into a bath cycle. Yes, they require a circle to get accustomed to the routine. While few pets like the bathing ordeal, most of them feel intricate. They do not think the same as we do when it comes to bathing and grooming. But, most of the pets tolerate baths over time and get familiarized with that.

Regardless, there are certain measures, which must be considered for bathing your pets. 


#1. Bath temperatures and height of water in the bathtub

Pets are as sensitive and mere than humans and cannot tolerate high temperatures. Hence, optimal and lukewarm water is to be best chosen for bathing your pets. Also, the water has to be just till the knee level irrespective of the size of your pet. 

Levell beyond their knees, scare them away, and aren't safe to recommend as well.


#2. Give some time for your pet to settle with water

Sprinkle some water, and play with it some time brushing its head. Giving them certain few minutes will ease them up and make them feel better. 

Brushing your pet before getting them into water actually helps in removing excess hair and tangles. Brushing would even ease up the steps ahead!


#3. Lather it slowly with not much vexation

Use the pet-specific products for a wash instead of a universal foam. Specific lather helps in removing excess oil secreted and washing up their long hair. Start the lather from the head, neck, and back and move till the tail and legs. Ensure the foam is not entered into their eyes, and hence doing the face, in the end, would be preferable.


#4. Begin the rinse from the head

As soon as the lathering is finished, rinse your pet off, starting from the face. This would allow you to avoid any contact of foam with your pet's eyes, nose, and ears. Then gently rinse the other parts moving from neck to back and legs finally. Paws are to be skillfully cleaned and use a brush if required to remove dust particles attached. 


#5. Abundant towels to dry off their hair

Leaving pets in the bathtub to grab towels is risky, and hence, keeping the towels required to dry them handy is suggestable. As soon as the rinsing is finished, take them out of the bath and dry them off with absorbent towels. 

If the temperatures are low and your pets have long hair, then speed up the process using a pet blow dryer. 

Make the baths more enjoyable such that your pets love it as well. Introduce them bit by bit to the procedure, and don't assume they would like it completely. Initial denying and disallowing might make the bath tougher, take some helping hands to have an easy wash off!

Master tip: While deciding how often you can take your pets to bath, consider their hair length, outdoor activity level, and skin condition. Usually, for an active allergy-free pet, the recommended period is two to four weeks. 

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