How to Bath Your Dog At Home Easily

Dogs don’t mind being dirty and stinky — in fact, they like it quite a bit — and many aren’t afraid to put up a fight if they think that it will help them get out of bath time. And while watching a favorite actor run after a dog covered in soap suds may seem hilarious, it’s a lot less fun when you have to do it — or your dog is wrestling and clawing to get as far away as possible from you. For dog owners, bathing a dog is a challenging task which every dog owner has to know. But even though you have learned how to bathe your dog, our tips of Best Way to Bathe a Dog At Home will surely help you out.

So before you start to take to wet your pooch make sure that you have the following things

  • Get a shampoo that would suit your doggy.
  • Ask your vet to suggest some ointment to protect the dog’s eye from irritation of soap water.
  • Cotton earplugs to protect water infiltration in ears.
  • A towel for drying up your pet.
  • A hairbrush and a blower.
  • A hair catcher to prevent dog’s hair from blocking the drain.
  • A non-slip mat
  • A tub full of warm water.

Now once you have all these things ready at hand, follow the following steps to get the perfect answer of how to bathe a dog at home:-


During the Dog Bath

  • Wet your dog down with warm water, avoiding his face and ears.
  • Gently rub shampoo into your dog's coat. Small dogs will only require the amount you use for your own hair, but large dogs require more. Squeeze small amounts into your hand and rub into the coat until fully covered.
  • Rinse out the shampoo and follow with the vinegar rinse, if using, to make sure all the soap is out. You can make these dog baths at home, even more, exiting with T-shirt from us at PupnPaws.
  • Finish off with a conditioner. Feel all areas of the dog to make sure all the conditioner is rinsed out, before toweling off the dog.
  • While applying shampoo and conditioner take the time to feel your dog's body and inspect for any skins problems, abrasions, lumps or bumps, or parasites like ticks.

Once, the bathing session is complete, follow the following steps

  • Remove the cotton balls from his ears.
  • Towel your dog off well, especially his feet and legs so that he does not fall on slippery floors. Take him outside (if the weather is warm) for a moment in order to shake out the excess water.
  • If you will be using a dryer, invest in a dog dryer that blows more air out at a time than a people hair dryer. Blow dryers are beneficial in the colder months of the year.
  • Once dried, make sure you thoroughly brush your dog's coat to prevent any new tangles from forming.

Mission accomplished! See not as difficult as it seemed to be, right isn’t? However, if you need some you can tip on dog bathing and grooming check out our blog.


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