Ways to Keep Dog tooth and Gums Healthy

We clean our teeth regularly, visit our dentists regularly and maintain a regime of dental care to keep those dreadful toothaches at par, don’t we? But do we provide adequate care for our pet dental health? Canine animals by the time they reach the age of 3 years they suffer from some form of dental diseases. So if you go slack on initial canine dental care, it might lead to painful and serious periodontal disease, gum problem, loss of teeth and even worse.  However, taking care of pet dental health is not as difficult as at apparently looks. Here we will be focusing on 5 easy ways through which you can keep the adorable smile of your pooch healthy and happy.

Maintain a regular regime of dental checkups

What happens when you do not visit your dentist for a long time? If you have any dental issues or cavities, in absence of proper care it would go worse. The result will be you will have to face serious toothaches. Hence a bi-yearly dental visit is must for good teeth and gum condition. The same logic works for your pets as well. Try twice or at least once to arrange a vet visit and perform dental exams to cure and prevent bad breath, inflamed gums, tartar, broken teeth and other signs of dental disease that might cause pain on your dog.

Train Your Dog to Use Dental Chews

If you are worried about how to keep dog tooth clean you can try dental chews or brush chews that are easily available in the market. These chews have nubs and ridges similar to tooth-brush bristles and contain constituents that fight the formation of plaque and tartar and keep teeth healthy and strong.

Include Therapeutic Food in Dog Diet

To maintain a healthy condition of teeth and gums your vet may recommend including therapeutic food in dog’s diet. These foods usually have an abrasive texture and include a component that not only removes but also prevents their buildup. Eating this food also helps with dog teeth cleaning because of their texture. Also, include vitamins and other food supplements that vet have prescribed.

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Use medicated water or rinse

Though there can be no substitute for brushing, that might not be possible for your furry buddy. However, you can make the dog mouth less hospitable to germs and bacteria by adding medicated rinses in their cleanliness regime.

Sometimes, even with all your best efforts, dental problems can occur. The first sign may be an offensive odor from his mouth. If a quick sniff of his mouth causes you to grimace, then take a look at his teeth and gums. Ideally, your dog’s teeth should be clean and white and the gums pink. It there is a brown build up on his teeth and his gums are white or red; call your veterinarian. Love your dog more and never forget to buy dog mom shirts from us at Pups N Paws.


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