Your Doggo Needs A Hair Styling Too!

Haircut for Dogs or an occasional trim is sometimes becoming necessary to keep the hair falling on eyes. You might also require taking your four-legged sidekick to periodic dog spa for hair for a full haircut or to keep his coat in top form. Either way, haircut for dogs or fur cuts are indispensable to keep your pet clean and good looking. There are a variety of cuts to choose from. Some are breed specific, but others look great on any dog. So, we at PupNPaws are making you some recommendation of haircut for dogs which are as follows:-

The English Saddle Cut

English saddle is one of two American Kennel Club approved adult styles for poodles that can also be worn by poodle mixes and breeds with thick curly hair such as the Irish water spaniel. The face, neck, and feet are clipped very short. The rest of the coat is left long, but portions of the tail, front legs, hind legs, and back are clipped short to create distinctly separate areas of fur called pom poms.

The Round Cut

As the name itself suggests, it requires your pet to look round and adorable. Grow your dog’s fur and then cut it in such a way that it creates a kind of circle all around its face. Being different from any other hairstyle, this is sure to be a little weird, in the beginning, seeing a round huge head bobbing in front of a body with four legs, but then it’ll be one of a kind that will turn onlooker’s head.

The Retriever Cut

This pet hair clip is done on curly long-haired dogs. Such pet haircuts were originally meant to make curly easy-matting hair more manageable so that it resembled the natural hair of golden retrievers. Hence the name came. This hairstyle entails a rather short clip, about an inch in length. The hair on the face and tail is cut even shorter. This is mostly done to keep long-haired dogs cool in warm weather.

Braided hairstyle

A rare collection of dog breeds, notably the Komondor and Puli, have distinctive thick, corded coats. This happens when the hair twines and twists to create an effect similar to dreadlocks. The thick cords of hair protect these herding dogs from the harsh elements of their native Hungary.

Long Silky Hair Style

We won’t lie. This look is really difficult to perfect. But then, if you are aiming to model your pet’s look like a diva, then this style is just the perfect for you. And of course, you can always tell the groomer the way you see your dog’s haircut. A professional dog spa for hair will always be able to implement your personal preferences, the way you want your dog exactly to look like.

Lion Cut

The lion cut is so called because it emulates the appearance of a mane. The body is clipped short while the fur around the head and neck is left long and dense. The original purpose of this hairstyle was to enable dogs to work in shallow water without getting weighed down by a sodden coat. Leaving the fur around the head and neck, which would be above the water level, provided some warmth. Pomeranians, chow chows and any dog with dense, tightly curled fur can have this cut.

So, what are you waiting for folks? Get your shaggy pet to the nearest dog spa for a snazzy haircut or get ready to get a haircut for your dog with our dog mom shirts and give the adorable fella one of the best dog haircuts trending now! Make your pet look as cool and chic as it deserves to be. However, if you need some tips on bathing your dog at home, you can have some suggestions from our blog.

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